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Important Changes To The American Visa Application Process

The American Embassy announces two important and fundamental changes to the visa application process, which are intended to take advantage of digital technology available to ease the application process and reduce the application time.

First, effective November 1, all applicants for nonimmigrant visas must complete their visa application forms using the Electronic Visa Application Form (EVAF) form which is available online at or via a link on the U.S. embassy web site This form allows applicants to complete their application forms online, and then print them out. In doing so the form provides a third page containing a barcode encoding the information in their applications. The barcode will then be scanned at the embassy on the day of visa interview, thus reducing processing time.

Since our visa system requires the information to be entered in English with Roman characters, the EVAF entries must be filled out in English. To assist visa applicants, detailed instructions on how to complete the EVAF are available in English, Azerbaijani and Russian on our website at

The EVAF has been available for several years and majority of the visa applicants in Azerbaijan have already been using it. Starting November 1, all U.S. embassies and consulates worldwide will require that applications brought to the visa interview be filled out and printed using the EVAF format.

Second, as of November 6, 2006, the Embassy will expand appointment times available for visa applicants. Travelers wishing to apply for a non-immigrant visa can submit their applications by prior appointment between 9 A.M. to noon, Monday through Thursday. All applicants will be interviewed the same day. Most applicants will be able to pick up their passports and visas at the Consular Section the following day between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m.