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Embassy Highlights

  • Clarification of a recent media story

    A recent story regarding a farewell reception at Ambassador Morningstar’s residence was misreported. It is customary for the dean of the Diplomatic Corps in Baku to collect money from the diplomatic community to purchase a gift for any departing Ambassador. Prior to the farewell event, Ambassador Morningstar decided that, in line with the practice of some other departing Ambassadors, he would donate the money collected for any gift to charity.

    At the event, Ambassador Dorokhin of the Russian Federation, the acting dean of the Diplomatic Corps, presented the funds raised to Ambassador Morningstar. The Ambassador announced that would give the funds to a local charity and he has done so. Ambassador Morningstar was very honored to receive the gift and thanked the Diplomatic Corps and Ambassador Dorokhin warmly. Ambassador Morningstar and Ambassador Dorokhin have always had warm personal relations. 

  • USOSCE Statement In Response to Head of OSCE Baku

    "On behalf of the United States, I welcome you, Ambassador Chahtatinsky, to your first appearance at the Permanent Council as the OSCE Project Co-ordinator in Baku.

    The OSCE Project Co-ordinator in Baku has a special responsibility to work with the people of Azerbaijan and to help the Government of Azerbaijan uphold the Organization’s principles, values, and commitments in all three dimensions – especially regarding human rights and fundamental freedoms – and to maintain and use strong contacts with civil society in this work..."   Full statement »

  • Statement by the Press Secretary on Malaysian Airlines Flight 17

    The United States is shocked by the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17, and we offer our deep condolences to all those who lost loved ones on board. We continue to seek information to determine whether there were any American citizens on board...   »

  • Azerbaijan Media Support Activity

    This statement is intended to clarify some recent misreporting and misunderstanding in the media regarding a grant program announced by USAID. There were no irregularities with the proposal application process, or the collection of proposals. All standard, world-wide procedures were followed and the process was fully fair and transparent. At this date the proposals are under review and no organization has been selected...  Full text »

  • Statement on the Hasan Huseynli Trial Outcome

    In another troubling development affecting civil society in Azerbaijan, authorities sentenced highly respected Ganja-based NGO leader Hasan Huseynli to six years in prison July 14 on extremely suspect hooliganism charges. The U.S. Embassy in Baku has worked closely with Huseynli on activities related to student exchanges and English language training...   Full statement »

  • Correction: This is what U.S. Ambassador in Azerbaijan Richard Morningstar responded to question

    Question: "Ambassador what would be your comments on the recent statement of the U.S. Ambassador in Armenia regarding the return of the seven occupied districts of Azerbaijan located around Nagorno-Karabakh to Azerbaijan?"

    Answer: "Well, I have not seen the Ambassador’s statement, but I believe that we have been very clear on our position that is that the seven occupied territories outside of Nagorno-Karabakh will have to go back to Azerbaijan as part of the settlement, and as far as the final status of Nagorno-Karabakh, that will be part of the negotiations. Again, I have no comment on anything the Ambassador said because I have not seen the statement and what I have just stated is what I have said many times before."  

  • US Ambassador Richard Morningstar remarks at Jeyranchel Mine Clearing Project Phase II Opening Ceremony

    "It is an honor to be here to celebrate the completion of Phase I of the Jeyranchel mine clearing project and to join our friends and partners to inaugurate Phase II. First and foremost, I want to congratulate ANAMA (Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action) on reaching this important milestone. Because of your hard work, 19 square kilometers have been cleared of 173 live mines and thousands of pieces of unexploded ordnance. Each piece of cleared ordnance potentially represents a life saved..."    »

  • 2014 Trafficking in Persons Report

    Click here to read the Azerbaijan country narrative from the Department of State 2014 Trafficking in Persons Report.    »

  • USOSCE Statement: Ongoing Human Rights Violations in Azerbaijan

    As delivered by Political Counselor Christopher Robinson to the Permanent Council, Vienna, June 5, 2014 

  • Ambassador Richard Morningstar’s Caspian Oil &Gas Show Reception Remarks

    "I would like to welcome all participants on behalf of the U.S Embassy, British Ambassador Mr. Irfan Siddiq and Professor, the Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy Charles Hendry who came from London. Before I go further, I would like to thank all of the sponsors who are here. They are listed on the banner behind me. Without the support of the sponsors this event would not be possible. I also could not help but notice the gigantic bouquet of flowers which came from AzerSun as well..."  Full speech »

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